“MadMen: Along The Way” released July 15, 2020

Book 3 of MadMen’s Journey – As William, Hannah, Marshall, and the assemblage of survivors blend together to become a Co-op farm community, cattle and horses begin to...

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DreaganStar Trilogy completed!

The complete DreaganStar saga is now available on Amazon! The DreaganStar saga tells the story of the politics, intrigue, romance, and mad science that surrounds the development...

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A Life-Like Replica!

This is how I envision the DreaganStar.

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“MadMen” – A 4-Book Series

The MadMen series is an Apocalypse Fantasy about survivors of China’s atomic destruction of the United States who develop extraordinary psychic abilities and while coping...

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DreaganStar Saga


The DreaganStar trilogy tells a tale of adventure, industrial espionage, political maneuverings, psychological manipulations, violence, science, and romance surrounding the first experimental faster-than-light (FTL) spacecraft. The DreaganStar  had been built at one of the five lunar colonies by the eccentric genius, Jonathan Dreagan, creator of the technologies that made this underground civilization possible.

The story begins when the colonies’ board of directors call in Master Psychologist Samantha Alexander and insist that she declare Dreagan incompetent and insane. Independent thinker Sammie has other plans. So does her superior.

To read the DreaganStar synopsis, click here: Synopsis-DreaganStar

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MadMen is an apocalypse fantasy, the futuristic diary of Hannah Augustine, a clairvoyant survivor of China’s nuclear attack on the US. After journeying across country, she and her friend, Penny join a small community of survivors in St. Paul, MN, a few who are developing psychic abilities.

Hannah also develops such abilities while searching for personal peace after the arrival of a former fiancé, her psychic equal, the talented, but crazed William Martin. The conflict escalates with the arrival of Hannah’s recent lover, Marshall, who also is becoming psychically gifted.

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Vinakti Duet

Vinakti is a Sanskrit word for “he who is set apart”. Vinakti Duet is a science fiction tale set on a desert planet where a once-orphaned half-breed, now successful business woman of rare paranormal talents, must confront her destiny with the handsome and equally talented off-worlder who may be responsible for her father’s death.

Vinakti Duet is available at www.Amazon.com

Vinakti Duet-synopsis <– click there)

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