COMING SOON… MadMen: In the Beginning

MadMen – 35 years in the making. 1100 pages of text.  A secular look at Jerusalem’s “Two Witnesses” of Biblical End Times (Revelation 11: 3-12). Volume...

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December 17, 2016. McKay’s Book Store, Knoxville, TN

December 17, 2016. McKay’s Book Store, Knoxville’s biggest seller of used CDs, DVDs, movies and more.  Standing near the check out lines, I enjoyed talking to readers...

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Thank You, Dear Readers in:

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, England, Germany, India, Japan, Maldives, Poland, Scotland, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey, The United States, and Wales.

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Book Signing Seymour Library

I could not have anticipated November’s Smoky Mountain wildfires disaster when I scheduled this book signing.  So sad about that.  Prayers to all affected.

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DreaganStar Saga

The 3-novel DreaganStar Saga is a tale of adventure, industrial espionage, political maneuverings, psychological manipulations, violence, science, and romance surrounding the first experimental faster-then-light (FTL) spacecraft. The DreaganStar  had been built at one of the five lunar colonies by the eccentric genius, Jonathan Dreagan, creator of the technologies that made this underground civilization possible.

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Incomplete MadMen cover art by Rodney Bass.

MadMen cover art by Rodney Bass.

In the Christian bible in the book of Revelation 11:3-9, two witnesses with paranormal abilities, preach for 1233 days in Jerusalem during the End Time. MadMen tells their backstory.

MadMen is the futuristic diary of Hannah Augustine, a clairvoyant survivor of China’s nuclear attack on the US. After journeying across country, she and her friend, Liz join a small community of survivors in St. Paul, MN, a few who are developing psych abilities.

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Vinakti Duet

Vinakti is a Sanskrit word for “he who is set apart”. Vinakti Duet is a science fiction romance set on a desert planet where a once-orphaned half-breed, now successful business woman of rare paranormal talents, must confront her destiny with the handsome and equally talented off-worlder who may be responsible for her father’s death.

Vinakti Duet is available at

Vinakti duet-synopsis

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