Vinakti Duet

On a remote desert planet, an orphaned half-breed, Jenna Ocrova, now a successful businesswoman of rare paranormal talents, confronts her destiny with the equally talented off-worlder, Dardin Haldane.

Influenced by his paranormal talent, Vinakti Master Dardin Haldane arrives on her planet to investigate marauding aboriginals. Knowing her aboriginal family and friends are not the elusive raiders that kill and enslave locals and off-worlders, Jenna anticipates Haldane’s return through her paranormal talent. When they meet in Jenna’s tavern, Neutral Territory, she is almost overpowered by the sheer magnitude of Dardin’s psychic abilities. He is enchanted by the one woman he cannot sense through his many paranormal abilities but is hindered by Jenna’s beliefs about Dardin’s connection to her father’s death.

In search of the slavers, Jenna guides Dardin Haldane and his brother-in-law, Farand Tartas, into the deep underground home of her mother’s desert-dwelling people, where her great grandmother quickly tricks Dardin into a vow to protect Jenna with his life, for the rest of his life.

Read 50 pages of  VINAKTI DUET


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