“MadMen: Along The Way” released July 15, 2020

Posted by on Jun 29, 2020

“MadMen: Along The Way” released July 15, 2020

Book 3 of MadMen’s Journey

– As William, Hannah, Marshall, and the assemblage of survivors blend together to become a Co-op farm community, cattle and horses begin to arrive – thanks to Hannah’s psychic Talents. Crops are planted, and hunting parties ride on horseback. Judica has a litter of pup. Penny and Tom’s first child arrives, and many speculate about whose child Jennifer carries.

Though radio contacts, the Memphis farm survivors learn that the Chinese Army has advanced across the western half of the US killing any Americans they find. As the threat approaches the Mississippi River, William, Hannah, and the survivors begin to speculate about what can be done. Enemy scouts begin to threaten other survivors in the area, so William leads a select few of his Talented people in early morning raids. Tom and Marshall soon have to use the jet to destroy all the bridges that span the Mississippi to slow the Red Army’s advance. An equally Talented nameless nemesis arrives to terrorize the co-op by stealing Marshall’s soul, but Hannah and her women thwart that plan. After their successful attack on 3 Chinese tanks, the now-desperate leadership team must determine how the 20+ survivors can safely escape.

But… Where can they escape to?

MadMen: Along The Way. is available now in trade paperback and Kindle at https://www.Amazon.com.